Fokker Fighters D.VII

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Fokker Fighters D.VII

Fokker Fighters D.VII (Winsdock Anthology 2)

By Array

Publisher: Albatros Productions 2000 68 Pages

ISBN: 1902207106


The runaway success of our first Fokker D.VII Anthology took even us by surprise and ever since its publication two years ago, we’ve been inundated with requests for the promised, subsequent volumes. In your hands is the first of these, Anthology 2, its greater emphasis being on Oaw-buill D.Vlls with their myriad cowling configurations and finishing practices, and continuation of the chronological D.VII unit markings survey that proved so popular with readers of the first volume. Again, we are indebted to regular stalwart contributors, Juanita Franzi, Dave Roberts,

Ian Stair, Greg Vanwyngarden and, making a welcome debut to the series, Harry Woodman; their combined talents have produced another invaluable and unrivalled collection of new and authentic reference material.

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